Tuesday, 14 June, 6:15pm THE DRY

Australia, USA 2020, crime, drama, mystery, 117 min. Directed by: Robert Connolly

Cast: Genevieve O’Reilly, Eric Bana, Keir O’Donnell, Bruce Spence, James Frecheville, Matt Nable


After some 20 years, federal police officer Aaron Falk (Eric Bana) returns to his hometown of Kiewarra to attend the funeral of his childhood friend Luke who killed his wife and child and then took his own life. It‘s clear from the start that Falk is reluctant to return because he isn‘t welcome in the town. But following pleas from Luke’s parents who don’t believe in their son’s guilt, he stays and informally reopens the case. Falk thus begins to uncover the strange circumstances not only of Luke’s death, but also long-hidden local secrets, including the death of a former classmate that some residents would rather leave alone, and which he himself is implicated in.


This mystery drama is set in the atmosphere of the remote Australian outback in a town which is plagued by ongoing drought. The film was based on the bestselling novel of the same name by one of Australia’s most successful contemporary writers, Jane Harper, and was one of the box office hits of 2021 in Australia.


Friday, 17 June, 8:00pm NIGHT RAIDERS 

New Zealand, Canada 2021, 101 min. Directed by: Danis Goulet

Cast: Amanda Plummer, Shaun Sipos, Eric Osborne, Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers, Alex Tarrant 


In a post-apocalyptic future and set in a North America controlled by the military, children are considered state property. They are separated from their parents and live in boarding schools where they are trained to fight for the regime. Niska is one of the indigenous Cree people. She hides in the forest with her 11-year-old daughter Waseese to escape the security drones that permanently fly over them. But in the age of cutting-edge technology, this is extremely difficult.

Canadian director Danis Goulet has created a cinematic dystopia set in a near future marked by war and an epidemic of an unknown disease. But Night Raiders is also a powerful parable about the plight of indigenous people everywhere. Told by strong female characters in the language of the Cree Nation, the story is both disturbing and poetic at the same time. This Canadian-New Zealand film was produced by celebrated New Zealand director and producer Taika Waititi. 


Monday, 20 June, 6:30pm MY NAME IS GULPILIL 

Australia 2021, documentary, 102 min. Directed by: Molly Reynolds


Here is the world’s first globally renowned Aboriginal actor David Gulpilil in his final film which is also all about his life. Director Molly Reynolds made the documentary several years before Gulpilil’s death, at a time when he was already seriously ill with stage four lung cancer. The documentary attempts to cover the artist’s whole life, from his acting career to his alcohol addiction, the relationships he went through, and ultimately his illness. It notes Gulpilil’s significant mark on contemporary Australian cinema with roles in seminal works such as WalkaboutRabbit Proof Fence, The TrackerCharlie’s Country and the comedy Crocodile Dundee.

David Gulpilil was born in 1953 in Arnhem Land (in northern Australia), where he grew up in a traditional Aboriginal environment. He was discovered by British director Nicolas Roeg when he was a young Aboriginal dancer and he subsequently became an internationally acclaimed film star. He was honoured with numerous awards for his life’s work and individual performances.

This documentary was largely filmed in 2017 with the assumption that Gulpilil didn’t have much time left. He died in November 2021. The use of Gulpilil’s name in the film’s title is potentially problematic, as Aboriginal culture forbids the names or images of deceased to be published or spoken after their death. In this instance however, the family made an exception which it published after David Gulpilil’s death, giving permission for this to occur due to the fact that David Gulpilil himself wanted his name and work to be widely known and spoken about.



Mondays, 6th, 13th and 20th of June:  THE TASMANIAN DEVIL  – engaging morning talks for schools about Tasmanian devils (but not only about them) given by David Vala, a breeder from Prague Zoo. The talks will be in Czech.



Come and enjoy the final documentaries, short films, experimental art, teasers and music videos from the Creative Media Production graduates. In addition, to end the night well, you can enjoy an after party with food, drinks and music. Tickets are limited. Please register here to get your FREE ticket:…/final-projects-screening…
David Ahmad – Loose Ends
A young adult deals with the break up of an unfulfilling relationship by talking with different acquaintances.
Length: 7-10 minutes
Gigi Greene – Miss Understood by Ketchup Soup Music Video
What do a stripper, a clown and a bashful young boy have in common? They’re all misunderstood. And now, they’re fed up too.
Length: 3,5-5 minutes
Xènia Lledó Subirà – DANTE
A teaser for a TV series. What would you do if one day you wake up and Deadly Sins appear before you? Stop thinking, you wouldn’t have any choice.
Length: 2:35 minutes
Cris Bravo – A misa con perlas
A video essay where a girl makes a self-portrait trying to explain that the art we consume defines us.
Length: 7:30 minutes
Eva Luengo Solís (evaxliberty) – Áme Réver Soeur
The story of love and infatuation told by two girls that fall in love during quarantine, without ever knowing each other. Could both be infected by another virus called love?
Length: 12 minutes
Marco Oliveira – Warehouse of Success
Meet Elias Lili, The CEO of Warehouse Entertainment Company, who beat all the competitors in Prague to become the top entertainment company in Czech Republic.
Length: 10-15 minutes
Matthew Mullen – Carry On, Jiří
The story of a man named Jiří and his life raising two children alone after the unexpected passing of his wife.
Length: 25-30 minutes
Kseniia Teniakova – Nikki Severin – You Are Gonna Be Ok
Nikki, a 28 year old woman who has battled breast cancer, looks back on her life changing journey of fighting cancer in order to break the stereotypes and shine light on what it is really like to suddenly become a cancer patient in your 20s.
Length: 15 minutes
Gemma Barba – Who Are You?
One boy and one girl kiss. They meet, they fall in love and they start dating. Secretly, the two will have a parallel life that will make them reveal all their truths and meet again unexpectedly. Length: Shortfilm (10 minutes) / trailer (3 minutes)
Leke Cana – The hand of forgiveness
Dating back to the bronze age, an old Albanian law of justice (Kanun) was enforced that regulated the laws of society. This included blood feuds, which backfired and killed many. We follow a documentary on how this practice came to end in the 1990’s due to a group of young people.
Length: 15 minutes