9th Aussie & Kiwi Film Fest
11th - 14th November 2022




The Aussie & Kiwi Film Festival will take place on 11-14 November 2022 at Lucerna Cinema (program here, tickets online from November). It will feature some of the successful titles from the summer run of the festival, as well as showcasing the latest cinema releases from Australia and New Zealand. Whina, the latest box office release in New Zealand will open the autumn section of the ninth annual Aussie & Kiwi Film Festival, a showcase of Australian and New Zealand films on Friday, 11th of November. This powerful biopic tells the story of “Mother of the [Maori] Nation” Whina Cooper, an icon in New Zealand society.

The biographical drama about Maori leader Whina Cooper (1895-1994), who fought tenaciously for gender equality as well as civil and territorial rights for Maori people in New Zealand is co-directed Paula Whetu Jones and James Napier Robertson. This gripping story of Te Whaea o te Motu (“Mother of the Nation”), the most prominent supporter of Maori women’s and land rights, who at the age of 75 led a 1000 kilometre protest march to the New Zealand parliament, had its world premiere in New Zealand in June 2022. The Aussie & Kiwi Film Festival will be one of the first European festivals to present the film. 

Whina is portrayed by three actresses over the course of her life; Tioreore Ngatai-Melbourne, Miriama McDowell and Rena Owen. “Whina Cooper’s public activism from the 1970s to the 1990s was extensively documented and recorded through TV interviews, so I felt a lot of pressure playing a New Zealand icon that many still remember,” said celebrated New Zealand actress Rena Owen (audiences saw Rena Owen at the AKFF in 2018, in the drama Once Were Warriors).

The festival will also feature other genres, including the Australian comedy How to Please a Woman, as well as an Australian documentary about Australia’s most famous Aboriginal actor, David Gulpilil. November 2022 will mark exactly one year since his death. The title of the documentary My Name Is Gulpilil had to be approved by the actor himself before his death and he also had to fight for this title in his community since Aboriginal culture dictates that once a person dies, images and names of the deceased should no longer appear in public. 

The audience will also see a selection of short films on the big screen by filmmakers from Australia and New Zealand.


The autumn edition of ninth annual Australian and New Zealand Festival of movies and culture will kick off on 2nd November in Champagneria Bar with New Zealand wine tasting with festival partner Wine’s Bay and film screenings will run from 11th November till 14th November 2022 in cinema Lucerna.

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A film festival of contemporary Australian and New Zealand films. Australian and New Zealand content is rarely seen in Czech theatres, television and festivals and our goal is to reverse this. Through contemporary films we aim to introduce local audiences to Australia and New Zealand as a multicultural continent with an extraordinary tradition that stems from its rich aboriginal culture, showing that it is more than what was depicted in Crocodile Dundee – a country full of sharks and beaches.

The Aussie & Kiwi Film Fest presents contemporary cinema from down under along with the different lifestyle and culture not only to Czechs and expats, but also to students of film and art who come to study in the Czech Republic from across Europe.


Festival highlights: 2014 – 2022

  • 86 screenings of contemporary feature films and documentaries, archive films, student and short films
  • screenings held in 10 cinemas in total
  • screening in Prague + Bratislava in 2015, and Brno, Olomouc and Plzeň in 2017
  • 4 special screenings (The Dressmaker, Sweet Country, Westwind: Djalu´s Legacy, Babyteeth)
  • accompanying events: discussions, workshops, degustations, concerts, exhibitions, drag show
  • online festival in 2020
  • Aussie & Kiwi Film SUMMER 21 – pop up cinema in Riegrovy sady and Champagneria Bar in Prague – 13 screenings at various venues around Prague
  • Aussie and Kiwi Days in Riegrovy sady (Prague 2) – open air culture festival for public (2021, 2022) – partner of festival held by CANZA, ABIE, Prague 2


Markéta Vozková
Project & PR Manager
Phone: +420 606 623 009


AKFF, z. s., Rejskova 1996/10, Vinohrady (Praha 2), 120 00 Praha



If you are interested in supporting the organizing association of AKFF, please contact us at info@aussiefilmfest.cz.