AKFF EVENING WITH DOCUMENTARY FILMS (Kino Pilotů, 29th September from 7pm to 11pm)

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At the end of September, the show will move to the Kino Pilotů cinema, where Australian-Czech director Barbara Chobocky and New Zealand-Czech director Michael Havas will present their documentaries to the audience. 


Australia, Czech Republic 2004, 55 min. Directed by: Barbara Chobocky

Australian director with Czech roots Barbara Chobocky maps her own family history that spans two continents and three generations. Despite the fact that the Cold War divided relatives living in the Czech Republic and Australia, they all end up united by the same desire and courage to do business. Amateur films from the family archive play an important role in it. The director’s father sent them to his relatives in socialist Czechoslovakia, and years later the author asks how true they were and whether they only showed the bright side of life in Australia. 


New Zealand 2017, 53 min. Directed by: Michael Havas, Julian Arahanga

The film Behind the Battalion by the Czech-New Zealand filmmaker Michael Havas recalls the fates of members of the special 28th battalion composed of Maori who fought during World War II on the European continent. The Maori actor and filmmaker Julian Arahanga co-directed on this documentary which shows the heroism of the Maori, who went to the war in Europe as volunteers, not only out of a desire for “adventure”, but also with the intention of gaining a better social position in New Zealand society. It is also an interesting testimony to the strong bond that has developed between Maori soldiers and the inhabitants of occupied Crete.



All events will take place in compliance with all current government and hygiene regulations. If the situation allows, we plan further screenings in September and November in the usual cinemas as used to be the case in 2014 to 2019 editions.


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A film festival of contemporary Australian and New Zealand films. Australian and New Zealand content is rarely seen in Czech theatres, television and festivals and our goal is to reverse this. Through contemporary films we aim to introduce local audiences to Australia and New Zealand as a multicultural continent with an extraordinary tradition that stems from its rich aboriginal culture, showing that it is more than what was depicted in Crocodile Dundee – a country full of sharks and beaches.

The Aussie & Kiwi Film Fest presents contemporary cinema from down under along with the different lifestyle and culture not only to Czechs and expats, but also to students of film and art who come to study in the Czech Republic from across Europe.


Festival highlights: 2014 – 2020

  • 55 screenings of contemporary feature films and documentaries, archive films, student and short films
  • screenings held in 10 cinemas in total
  • screening in Prague + Bratislava in 2015, and Brno, Olomouc and Plzeň in 2017
  • 4 special screenings (The Dressmaker, Sweet Country, Westwind: Djalu´s Legacy, Babyteeth)
  • accompanying events: discussions, workshops, degustations, concerts, exhibitions, drag show
  • online festival in 2020


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